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Bigly Brothers Heavy Rain Resistant Night Runner with Super Bright LED Arm/Ankle Band for your Safety at Night

  • Protect yourself and your loved ones by making sure they stay visible with the Bigly Brothers LED Arm band
  • Water Resistant and Extremely Durable
  • Very comfortable and Easily Adjustable
  • Super Bright LED that is Visible During Daylight
  • 2 Different Light Modes: Steady light and flashing lights
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Whether you’re going for a run or just taking a power walk at night you need to make sure that you stay clearly visible to stay safe. Bigly Brothers LED Armbands are made to provide you with a simple, reliable and effective way to make sure you stay visible even on the darkest of nights and even during the day thanks to the super bright light without causing any irritation. We want to provide our customers with the finest safety running gear which is why we make sure to use only the highest quality and lightweight materials that are both durable and water resistant making these perfect for use throughout the year. With a super bright light and an adjustable design, these LED armbands are the perfect solution for after dark workout activities like jogging, running, hiking, playing sports or Any type of Concert to make sure you stay safe. The 360° LED design lights up the entire armband to maximize your visibility to keep you visible from all angles. Our safety lights for runners are thoroughly tested and made with comfort in mind making these perfect for men, women and even children that want to ensure their safety when out after dark. Thanks to the functional yet stylish design, it provides the perfect fit for bikers, walking, jogging, cycling, parties, concerts or any other occasion where you’d want a fabulous bright light to make you visible. Besides being a great choice for adults, it also provides the perfect for children and pets like cats and dogs to make sure they are safe when going out after dark. Click on the “Add To Cart” button now to order today to stay visible at night

Take Note:If used in Heavy rain for long periods of time, Please make sure to remove the battery from the battery box and let the inside of the battery box fully dry before using again.

Package Included

1 x Bigly Brothers Safety Night Runner LED Band
2 x CR2032 Battery

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