Will Drones Other Than DJI Rule the World

Will Drones Other Than DJI Rule the World

As a drone enthusiast it is always a given that the leading drone manufacturer is DJI or otherwise known as Da-Jiang Innovations, everywhere I look whether be it on the internet or on the UAV magazines there would always be pages or articles dedicated to DJI related models.  As you know DJI is considered as one of the top drone companies worldwide plus it also comprises about 70% of all consumer drone sales as of 2020, in short it is one of the top selling if not the highest selling drone brand today as other competitors account for not more than just 5% share of the drone market as of today.

There is no such thing as a perfect product but there are products out there that are also considered as almost perfect and most certainly if we talk about drones there are other brands out there that are as good if not maybe slightly even better than the DJI brand.

Here are the top drone brands other than DJI and their top selling models, these are not in any particular order however these are considered among the top selling brands we have today.

Parrot ANAFI

  • Widely considered as the top selling model from Parrot Company, it is equipped and has one of the better cameras to date, articulating gimbal, 4K camera with 21-megapixel resolution. Its foldable quadcopter design and plastic body allows it to have a sleeker look with a lightweight and compact design.  It is surely one of those quality yet very affordable models under 700USD.

Skydio 2

  • Chosen as one of the Best Follow Me Drone due to its autonomous features, equipped with the Nvidia Jetson Computer or otherwise referred to as the obstacle avoidance system contains numerous avoidance sensors. It has 6 cameras amounting to 48-megapixel resolution, each camera has 4K camera with a 60 fps specs. This is Skydio’s official drone that is designed for inspection and mapping functions and is only under 1,000USD.

AUTEL Robotics Evo II

  • This is actually the latest development from their EVO Series, this time it has longer flight time at 40 mins., has an 8K camera with an extended range which means you can actually make it go further distance. This drone not only caters to consumer drone enthusiasts but also those who are into the field of professional drone services specifically in the area of videography and photography. This one sells at less than 1,500USD, not bad for an 8K drone that is compact/foldable. 

Bigly Bros - Voyager ZM Drone

  • Last but not the least, this one has in fact most of the features from other brands, it has up to 40 mins. Flight time, 10 Km distance range, 1080 pixels camera with 6x hybrid zoom and many more. Suitable for beginners and professional level alike, unmatched stability and customization features. One of the newest additions from Bigly Brothers line of products which costs less than 1,100USD.

There you go, these are the best drone brands other than DJI today, today though, DJI ranks very high but if there is no such thing as a perfect product, these brands have almost perfect or in other words products whose flaws and strong qualities are perfect for each other, no doubt someday these brands will become number one in the drone industry.


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