About Us

Greetings and salutations! We are thrilled to introduce ourselves as The Bigly Brothers - your ultimate portal into the awe-inspiring world of flight. As renowned purveyors of top-tier electronic and RC gadgets, we specialize in drones and provide the highest quality products in Canada.

For inquiries and support, feel free to:
📞 Call us: +1800-616-4969 (Toll-Free)
📧 Email us: support@biglybrothers.com

Our exclusive collection of High-Definition drones takes you on an electrifying journey through the clouds, tailored to both amateurs and experts in aviation. Moreover, we've diversified our drone range to ensure it appeals to all flyers. We offer drone kits, drones engineered specifically for children, and an assortment of economically priced drones, delivering premium quality without straining your wallet.

We're a dynamic company originating from the beautiful landscapes of British Columbia, Canada, and are fervently dedicated to harmonizing advanced technology, practical design, and the sheer joy of flight. When you choose The Bigly Brothers, you unlock a world brimming with many drones and boundless potential. Our prestigious line-up features drones like the Mark III Falcon, Mark V Extremis, GD93 Midnight Specter, E59 Mark III, GD96 Midnight Alpha, and Voyager Zino.

The Bigly Brothers is a dream come true for every drone aficionado. We offer imaginative drones for children, sophisticated drones for adults, and affordable drones that ensure anyone can taste the exhilaration of flight without overspending.

What enables us to ascend above our rivals is not solely our top-notch merchandise, but our unparalleled customer service. We cherish genuine human connection - each interaction marked by a heartfelt and friendly exchange. Beyond merely completing a sale, we offer a generous return policy of up to a month, no strings attached, should you find our products or service unsatisfactory. Our commitment to you extends beyond the point of purchase. We also provide after-sales services to ensure you're thoroughly satisfied and your drone is operating at peak performance.

The Bigly Brothers has evolved beyond a simple brand; we've established a tight-knit community, cementing ourselves as your reliable source for superior drones. Our unwavering dedication to quality and service has brought countless joys to our customers, and we're fueled by the desire to keep on delivering.

Here are some heartfelt testimonials from our cherished customers:

"We made a wise choice when we decided to go with The Bigly Brothers. Our son can't get enough of his drone and continuously devises novel ways to play with it. It's been a tremendous experience!" - The Dawkins

"I had my doubts about purchasing a drone for our estate's security. However, Bigly Brothers' drone turned out to be a real game-changer. It's affordable, easy to operate, dependable, and incredibly functional. I can't recommend it enough!" - John C.

We eagerly look forward to serving you and value any feedback to help us improve our offerings. If you need further information about our products and services or have any questions, don't hesitate to call us on our toll-free number, +1800-616-4969, or email us at support@biglybrothers.com.

Welcome to The Bigly Brothers, where every adventure takes flight, and the sky's the limit!

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