E59 Orange Delta Drone

Is the E59 Orange Delta Drone the Best Mini Drone?

When I first started out working as an apprentice or otherwise a trainee for this wedding videographer here in our place, I had to learn all the basics, I started from being the handyman, or the one that prepares and brings all the necessary equipment’s needed to film the occasion (tripods, camera and etc.) to being the production assistant (in my case I did post production editing) up to becoming a Camera Assistant (set up cameras, lighting and venue surveying).

There was this one wedding event wherein this was my very first time to see a drone to be used in action to capture moments during the wedding. I was excited of course because this wedding videographer boss of mine told me that this would also be the first time he will use a drone as part of his arsenal, this would be the so-called baptism of fire for his videography career, although he had started to use the drone for practice runs doing maneuvering, loops and of course take-off and landing sequences.

The plan or the script was we would be shooting first as far as drone shots were concerned, we were supposed to get the overhead shot of the cathedral wherein the wedding ceremony took place. So, the videographer / drone pilot unpacked the drone and started to fly it, I could not forget the name of the drone it spelled E59 Orange Delta Drone, it flew steadily ascending up then it hovered around the cathedral and I myself went up to the operator/pilot and looked at the remote control watching on real time the footage caught on by the drone from above through the, it was magnificent in fact it captured the whole cathedral from above, it was breathtaking and magnificent.

From there we were able to shoot other aerial shots we had planned; everything went on very smoothly and to be honest I was pretty much afraid with glitches that might happen along the way since it was our very first time to use the drone in weddings. Thank God everything went on as planned. Well, today I myself have already been a drone pilot although I still would not classify myself as an expert level yet. 

Today, I still work as the assistant camera man for the videographer boss of mine but I am taking charge of the drone shots or aerial shots. I also take part in planning too by conducting research to make the content as original as can be and closely coordinating with the client/couple as to what they really want to capture on their wedding.

As for E59 Orange Delta Drone I myself had closely examined the technical specifications and in fact I could say that this mini drone is very suitable for first time drone owners and novice level pilots. Why? It is because of the following features that stood out for me.

  • Compact design that makes it no bigger than the palm of your hand (when folded), this way it is designed to be as lightweight as can be so that take off smooth. 
  • Camera specs is superb with the 4K Ultra – Clear Dual Camera, 120deg wide angle lens and 50 x Zoom Focal lens and many more. This quality offers cinema type of clarity with a Video Resolution of 1902 x 1080 and Photo Resolution of 3840 x 2160 pixels.
  • Easy to Operate, it is very simple to handle due to its GPS and AI features it makes operating or flying very easy and memorable. It allows you to master your flying skills as fast as you can.
  • Electronic Image Stabilization Camera Feature, the electronic anti-shake technology allows you to have stable and more professional looking shots.

These plus many more advanced features makes E59 Orange Delta Drone the best mini drone in my own opinion, FYI, based on my experience as a videographer, when covering important events such as weddings and alike occasions, you need to actually have at least 2 drones. One must be on top capturing overhead shots while the other could be your spare or also in use by way of light hovering capturing what happens on the ground. 

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