E58 Mark III Falcon Mini : The Bigly Brothers Step-by-Step Guide

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Android app link:

1.) First, ready the drone application by scanning the QR code found in the app operating instructions using any QR scanner you can download from either the (app store, google store, or play store) or you can search and install the " KY FPV " application directly.

2.) Power up your drone by first inserting a battery and making sure that it is completely fitted inside the insertion area for the drone to function as it is expected and to avoid the possibility of the battery falling during take-off.

3.) As soon as the battery is successfully inserted, turn on the power switch of the drone by pressing the power button on the top of the drone, and a light indicator will appear. Place it horizontally on a flat surface ground pointing and facing the same direction as the controller.

4.) Pair the drone and the controller by pushing the left throttle forward and then pulling it backward. A successful pairing is indicated by a beep sound and steady light from the drone.

5.) Now, for the gyroscope calibration, move your left and right throttle sticks downward right both at the same time, or you can press the correction button until the lights flash twice and a beep is heard.

6.) Now turn your data off, then use Wi-Fi to link your phone to the drone.
*[Settings >WI-FI>locate the drone’s name starting with “flow” which is listed on the networks available
note: however, if you're having a problem finding the name, try re-enabling your wifi

*After successfully connecting your phone to the drone, it is now time to open your “KY FPV” application.
**Agree to the “user agreement and privacy policy, also make sure to allow access to all permissions asked
**Press start and wait for an image to display from the drone’s camera

7.) When an image from the drone’s camera finally appears, your drone application is now ready.
8.) Now activate your drone’s propellers by either moving your left throttle stick upward.
9.) Now your drone is ready for take-off.

Special Note: After using the drone please make sure to remove the drone's battery in order to preserve the drone battery life.

To ensure optimal performance and prevent potential issues with your drone, kindly adhere to the following professional guidelines:

• Ideal First Flight Location: It is highly recommended for the first flight to be in a completely open space. This allows for safer maneuvering and control and significantly reduces the risk of potential collisions. Flying in such an environment enables you to understand the drone's controls and responses in a hazard-free setting, setting the stage for more complex flights in the future.

• Safe Environment: Opt for flying in open, unobstructed areas. Avoid areas with buildings, trees, power lines, or any potential hazards that may interfere with your flight.

• Comprehensive Understanding: Prior to flight, familiarize yourself completely with the drone's functions and operations. Refer to the user manual and setup video for detailed instructions.

• Routine Inspection: Always perform a thorough pre-flight inspection. This should include an assessment of the propellers, battery, camera, and any other equipment for potential issues. This step is crucial for maintaining your drone's optimal performance.

Happy Flying!