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We at The Bigly Brothers provide you with top-quality electronic and RC products.


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Email: support@biglybrothers.com

Learn more about the X Drone HD in Canada, the best drones for beginners and more. We also have drone kits, the best drones for kids, and drones on a budget.


Operating out of British Columbia in Canada is a company dedicated to constantly advancing technology that is aesthetically pleasing, functional, and also allows the users to have fun. The Bigly Brothers offer personalized, unlimited access to drones with an extensive range and unlimited capabilities. With drone models ranging from the Xdrone HD, the E58 X Pro Edition, the E58 Pocket drone version, and the E60 Pro Edition. 


The Bigly Brothers is your one-stop for all your drone wishes, the brand offers the best drones for kids, drones for adults, and drones on a budget if you are looking to cut costs without numbing down on quality. 


Our service stands out from the competition with our warm, and friendly customer service, with an unrivaled return policy of up to a month if you are unsatisfied with the product or the service, all free of charge. Unlike other companies where you are no longer their problem when you walk out of the store or confirm the order online, we follow up with our after-sale service. This ensures that you set up the drone perfectly and that you get the most out of the product purchased. 


The Bigly Brothers have through the years established a brand that is more than a company and more like a family. We have become the go-to name for anything that relates to owning quality drones, and with our service, we have put many smiles on our many customers' faces.


Below are some of the reviews we have gotten from our happy customers:


‘Choosing the Bigly Brothers was one of the best choices we have ever made as parents, our little boy loves his toy drone and is always inventing new ways to have fun’

The Dawkins


‘My wife considered that we should get a drone to prop up security around our property and I was a little skeptical as getting one could be too technical and complicated to use. To my surprise, the drone we purchased was very affordable, easy to set up, reliable and functional. We have had no problem since the purchase and would definitely recommend this brand’

John C. 


We hope to continue to serve you, and if there is any information you can share to better improve our service. Or for more information about our products on sale, the services we offer, and general inquiries about the brand you can call us at this toll-free number, +1800-616-4969, or send us an email at support@biglybrothers.com

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