E58 Drone x Pro Edition 2.4G FPV Drone

2021 Drone X Pro Review

Drones are no longer just something that military and legal professionals use. They are becoming widespread for everyday people to use as well. However, not every drone is created equally. There are those that are considered amateur or entry level drones that are perfect for someone who just wants to test out how these work and enjoy this as a hobby. Then there are those that are a bit more complex, offering more bells and whistles so to speak, that are for those who consider themselves to be drone professionals or hobbyists. 

The Bigly Brothers E58 Pro X is one of the drones on the market that can be used by either a beginner or seasoned drone user. It is very difficult to find a drone that is going to address all types of people, but this drone does just that. 

Highlights of the E58 Pro X

What makes this drone the one that you should choose when shopping around for the best drone to fit your lifestyle? Here are the highlights:

- Comes with 2 batteries for up to 30 minutes of flight

- 4K HD Camera

- Video and pics can be captured and directly sent to your phone, so no SD card required

- 1 Key takeoff

- 1 Key land

- 1 Key for 360 flips

- Camera allows for 10x Zoom

- Quick charging batteries

- Stabilizing technology

- Durable construction

- Carrying case included with purchase

- Customer support is available 7 days a week


This particular drone is classified as an RTF. This means it is “ready to fly” right out of the box, making it perfect for beginners. There is no having to put this together, spending hours pouring over instructions. In as little as 5 minutes, the time in which it takes to download the app to your phone, you can be ready to fly this around your home or wherever. Since this is an RTF, even those who have never flown a drone before will find that this is super easy to use, as long as you can follow the app directions, you can get up into the air. 

Built Tough to Last

Built with Thermoplastic materials, the E58 Drone X PRO is meant to withstand whatever you throw it at. You will no longer have to worry about crashes, since the material can handle this. The thermoplastic protects all the intricate hardware inside that gives this drone its power and numerous other features. Plus, it has a built in forward facing sensors and a downward facing sensor that is meant to help you avoid obstacles, reducing the chances of having a crash. The entire unit is super lightweight and also has a foldable design which means that there is no need to get a drone license in order to fly this drone. 

For those who have been shopping around for a drone, look no further! With the various speed options, one button flying, and being ready to fly as soon as it is out of the box this is the best drone for any level of drone flier.

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