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My Favorite Travel Buddy My E58 Pro Edition Drone

My journey to being a drone and travel enthusiast, my list on the best drones on a budget, why I decided to choose E58 Pro Edition Drone with Camera.

I had always envied this high school friend of mine; he is now an established travel vlogger. His video posts and images were so beautiful, looking at his videos and pictures, I get a vivid glimpse at how beautiful it is to be there. In one of his posts, he went to a beach somewhere in Asia where he swam with the whale sharks.

Then I saw the most astonishing sight wherein he made a video footage of the shape from above therefore capturing the whole shape of the island and as he zoomed in, I could clearly see the whale sharks, they were huge, gentle and scary even. Then it dawned on me that like my friend, I also have to travel and enjoy life. I asked my friend how he managed to create nice videos and capture the most astonishing pictures.

My friend told me he used a drone to capture it all, that was when I got interested in drones. First thing that I asked my friend is are they expensive?  He said not at all, according to him what he has is a high-quality cheap drone.  I have decided that before I make my travels, I must buy myself a drone because I figured that when I travel, I might as well make the most out of it plus there is also an excitement and curiosity on my part that I want to experience flying a drone myself.

I began to ask more questions about drones to my friend, he suggested that I research about best drones on a budget. I researched the internet and these are the top cheap affordable drones in the market today.

The top 5 drones I have found are:

  • Holy Stone HS270 2.7K Drone
  • DJI FPV Drone
  • Snaptain A15H
  • DJI Mini 2
  • E58 Pro Edition

As I tried to compare each one of their features and specifications, I looked closely at each brand on the list, some of them have similar features with each other but I had come to the conclusion that with the budget I have, I have chosen E58 Pro Edition Drone with Camera as the one I would be purchasing because aside from its within my budget, it has the following features that stood out for me.

1080p HD camera resolution – this means that this is designed with a Full HD camera technology or in simple terms for picture or video clarity, you get the clearest images and video possible.

Improved handling or Flight control – this means its equipped with GPS precise positioning system, ensuring smooth flight and the ability to return to the take-off point at the touch of a button, or as a safety measure if the battery or signal drops.

Longer Flight time – this means you can fly longer, travel longer distance and enjoy as you see the world from a spectacular bird’s eye view.  The 120° FOV and a maximum of 20 minutes flight time makes all of these possible.

With my budget of not more than a 100 USD, I consulted my vlogger friend who looked closely at the specifications of E58 Pro, he has approved of it even saying to me that this one of the best buy drones with camera in the market today at such a cheap price. Today, I am now enjoying each of my travels because for me travelling is all about seeking out and going to beautiful and exciting places. I have been asked by some of my other friends seeing me enjoying flying my drone is it worth getting a drone? I said absolutely, with my E58 Pro Edition Drone, I can now document my magnificent views and record memories from the air need I say more? Today I always bring my drone with me whenever I travel.

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