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The Best Drones for Kids and Why They Matter

Kids now a days are of a different breed if I may say so, they are nothing like the kids during my time. In many cases, kids are spending less time outdoors and spend more time playing alone. I remember when I was a kid, I used to come home at almost evening or when it was already dark and looking scruffy but never mind because I had the most awesome time with friends. 

Let’s face it kids today are less fit than we were back then, with all the gadgets today, social media platforms and video games among others that contribute for kids to be less active, no doubt kids today are more likely to be overweight. Mostly, the reason is less physical activity and always staying indoors. 

In the UAV sector, drones have been developed and upgraded to serve a purpose whether it be in Defense & Security, Agriculture, Construction & Mining, Media & Entertainment there is always a place and use for a drone. In other words, drones are becoming multi-purpose. Speaking of purpose, the drone also has some purpose in the development of kids.

If you buy a kid a drone it would be the coolest thing they will ever receive in their young life, simply put “flying a drone is a lot of fun” and a reason enough for kids to be outdoors, right? because kids like fun stuff. But what is it in drones that contributes in the development of kids? drones offer developing young minds by increased cognitive development. It is an ideal tool to the fundamentals of Science, Technology, Engineering, Math also known as STEM.

To elaborate further, these are factors that help shape up a kid’s intellect:

Develop Problem Solving Skills

When buying a drone there are that models require assembly, this is a great way to gain some skills that are hands-on, analytical skills and get used to trial and error methods. Children can learn the intricacies of engineering all the techniques that go into assembling it.


Drones take some special aerodynamics to fly.The change in direction of a drone is due to the propellers and the way they spin. Understanding the way they maneuver is a great lesson in aerodynamics.

Cognitive Development 

If you're flying a drone inside our out, getting used to the to changes in flight patterns, wind strength and environment will help your child improve their reasoning skills. They will understand cause/effect types of situations and this can help them gain some important life skills regarding quick decision making.

There you go, these are just some of the concepts that a kid will be exposed to when flying or playing with a drone.

The next logical question would be, what would be the best drones for kids? It will have to depend on the age bracket of kids.

4-5 yrs old

RED5 Motion Controlled Drone

  • Easy-to-control drone for kids
  • Easy to grasp
  • Automatic hover

6-7 yrs old


  • Really easy to fly
  • 480p camera
  • Reasonably priced

8-9 yrs old

Holyton HT02 Mini Drone

  • Safety cage
  • Controller-case combination
  • Low range

10-12 yrs old


  • Crash-proof and capable of nifty stunts
  • Easy to fly
  • Fly indoors or out

13-14 yrs old

DJI Mini 2

  • Pro level camera options
  • Good quality components
  • Not built for too much rough & tumble
  • Choice drone for aspiring pilots

15-16 yrs old

E58 Pro X 4k HD

  • Suitable for beginners and Professional drone enthusiasts
  • Good Photo and Video quality
  • Crash-proof, made up of durable materials
  • Auto Avoid Obstacle

There you go, these are the best drones for kids according to their age groups, it is better to get them started today because you actually give them a head start for an emerging industry. Give your kid an aerial advantage, along with the chance to build a career doing something fun and innovative. For more information about drones you can check out The Bigly Bros. they are the one stop shop for quality drones and RC products in Canada.


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