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Why I Needed to Innovate to Keep my Business

I was always interested in photography, ever since my dad gave me my first camera the “Olympus MJU 35mm Camera” I was so captivated with it clicking here clicking there until I annoyed my sisters and cousins but hey, I was taking snapshots at some of the most memorable and at times ordinary moments in our lives. 

Fast forward today, whenever I post retro or throwback pictures of my sisters or cousins, they would be very impressed at how I took them. Some of them would even tell me my pictures are crystal clear, aside from me insuring all the elements at work to make a beautiful picture, somehow the camera used matters. Now I am a professional photographer I cover weddings, birthdays, photoshoots and other important events.

I have covered celebrity weddings here and there, covered events at some exotic beach, and my clients are or as usual, are very satisfied with the work I have done. I remember there was this one event wherein it was located on a rooftop it’s a product launching of a beverage company. I was there taking pictures and a little bit of video too, I looked around and realized I had the most magnificent view only if I could take pictures from the air and take a photo of the magnificent skyline during sunset.

That was when I realized that I needed a drone to help me, I realized then and there that I needed to have a drone. Before I decided to buy one, I searched the internet, and since I had cousins who owned drones, I sought their advice too. I needed to have a professional but not pricey, something that is also suitable for beginners just like me in terms of handling. My cousins recommended a product from Bigly Bros. the E58 Pro X Drone, I looked at other brands too especially the known ones but somehow, I was led back to E58 Pro X, basically because at the end of the day your budget matters.

Before actually buying I made sure to conduct my own E58 Pro X Drone HD review to eliminate doubt. Here’s what I found on E58 Pro X Drone.

Folding Portable design

It is just actually as small as the size of the palm of my hand (when it was all folded up) no wider than 12cm and no higher than 5cm, the advantage of this is I can always take this anywhere because I can place it inside the pocket of my pants. Looking at the picture and videos, the drone sure does look so big when in fact it’s cute. 

4K HD Camera Resolution

As a photographer this is important to me since a camera drone with 4k HD resolution has at least eight million pixels, a 4k drone will deliver four times as much detail as a 1080p full HD.

Advanced Transmission Technology

You don’t want your drone to fly away, with the built-in safeguards/controls to aid you as a beginner, with its numerous autonomous flight modes features like Headless Mode, altitude hold, 1 key takeoff, 1 key land, Infrared Obstacle Avoidance, and many more. You are protected from unnecessarily crashing or piloting it off course, in short, all the precaution is present in this model so you will not lose your drone.

These are the most important elements for me in a drone, buying a drone for my photography profession was a decision I won't regret. I'm able to take amazing pictures and videos that wouldn't have been possible before. This also ensures I am remaining relevant since I have something new to offer.


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