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5 Reasons Why You Need E58 Pro X Drone

There are so many camera drones that have come out each year, each year drone technology is getting more advanced. For someone who barely has knowledge or background on drones, sometimes you get to be overwhelmed with information which leads you to confusion. As a resident of British Columbia, of course I normally support Canadian companies and in the aspect of buying my first ever drone I decided to check out and examine E58 Pro X: 4k HD Drone Dual Camera Edition.

Before I encountered E58 Pro X: 4k HD Drone Dual Camera Edition, I first browsed the internet. As I typed the keywords drone companies Canada, what caught my eye was Best Drone Companies - A Canadian drone company with this link https://www.biglybrothers.com/ . I decided to click on this link and was so astonished at what I found; they had an array of different drone products. I decided to check out E58 Pro X: 4k HD Drone Dual Camera Edition, to be honest I am no expert in drones but definitely the Technical Specifications were the first ones I made sure to read. 

Here are the top 5 things you need to know about E58 Pro X drone and why there are very important:

Long Lasting Battery Life and More Flight Time

  • As far as battery material is concerned, this one has Lithium type which means they discharge power faster, store greater amounts of power thus have a longer battery life. Plus, for this product you get 2 pcs of Lithium batteries which means you get an approximately 40 mins flying time.

4K HD Photography and Video Quality

  • This is all about camera quality,4K HD Camera means better quality pictures and videos. In addition, it offers 10x Zoom Capability and still maintains high resolution images and videos. Even if say you are a beginner in drone hobby business, you can bet on it that what you are getting is a professional level camera.

Headless Mode

  • This feature is very important since this allows you to be able to control the drone even though you have unclear orientation. This AI feature I tailored made especially for the first-time owners, helps them avoid crashes and maintains control whether you know which direction your drone is facing. In short, it always follows your command regardless if your drone is in the correct orientation or not, it always manages to follow direction from your own perspective.

3 Speed Modes

  • These 3 modes are essential most especially for starters to control the speed and to control the drone movements.

3m/s (Low Gear) – In this speed, the drone would be ascending slowly which allows you to control and fly slowly. You can practice basic maneuvering in this mode before going up to faster speeds.

6m/s (Medium Gear) – in this speed, acceleration and directional control are slightly faster/nimble, this time it is assumed you have mastered the basics already.

12m/s (Highspeed Gear) – this is the highest gear/speed, acceleration and movement are at its fastest, make sure you are in an open space and should only do this once you have sufficient flying experience.

Compact, Super Lightweight and Foldable Design

  • its small size makes it is less noticeable which makes it preferable for those who crave privacy and as a hobbyist you do not want to draw too much attention when flying right? The foldable design makes it travel friendly and its lightweight design allows it to fly smoothly and is safer in case of crashes since it is very light. 

Need I say more? these are the following reasons why E58 Pro X: 4k HD Drone Dual Camera Edition is the best, not to mention it is below 200USD.


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