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Drone Buying Guide that Works for Aspiring Drone Enthusiast

The fight against the Covid 19 pandemic all over the world resulted in the restriction of people movement and people to people contact. That is why emerging technologies like the use of drones have been readily explored.  The use of drones at this time of crisis resulted in the reduction of front liners being infected, made possible the monitoring of large areas without physical contact. 

For Vloggers, drone enthusiast, photography hobbyist and those who use drones for leisure purposes. Is the use of drones still relevant today or is buying drones today relevant despite the Covid pandemic? I believe drones are still important, why? Aside from leisure purposes drones today are being used in so many ways to combat the pandemic. They are used in Surveillance, Broadcast, Disinfectant Spraying, Medicine and Grocery Deliveries and Temperature Check among others. Operating and controlling this UAVs to execute a specific task requires expert level drone pilots/operators. 

It means you have to start from somewhere, being a beginner level drone pilot like for example being a drone enthusiast opens your door to so many related careers in the drone industry. However, we must start from the very beginning, if and when we decide to buy a drone, we must have a guide that would help us in ensuring we get quality and also, we get something that isn’t too advance for our level.

Drone Buying Guide:

Cheap Quality Drones for First Timers

  • Drones under $190 are lightweight, suitable for training purposes as they are very durable. Because of their light mass and hard exterior, sometimes they don’t handle turbulence that well.
  • Battery doesn’t last long not even longer than 30 mins., you can opt to buy additional batteries for longer flight time
  • Sad to say drones this cheap do not offer any stabilization to the camera such as 3-axis gimbal and alike

Aerial Videography Drones

Ideal selection for photographers and travelers, types like these allows you to capture perspectives that otherwise would not have been possible. Drones like this are easy to fly which makes this your ideal travel companion. 

DJI Mavic Mini

U49WF FPV Camera Drone

DJI Inspire 2

DJI Phantom 4 Pro V2.0

Skydio 2

The Bigly Brothers Grey Havic FPV 4K 

  • Enjoyable and Fun to use, imagine having a remote-controlled car but this time it is flying in the air
  • Precise Guidance Systems, having this feature allow it for easy to fly, avoid obstacles and many more features that makes it easy to control
  • High-quality pictures and videos most models come today with sophisticated cameras and attached stabilizers that allows you to capture crystal clear images and videos
  • You can get as much as 4K quality level images or better
  • Drones allow you to capture refreshing and one-of-a-kind views whether a selfie or aerial shot
  • Ability to reach hard to access places or spots, especially for industrial related objectives, drones can be used to execute an objective or function

We hope this guide provided you an idea and the right fundamentals about drones. For more information on these camera drones and others on the market, check out The Bigly  your one stop shop for top-quality electronics and RC products.

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