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E 58 Pro X Drone Review

Take your drone piloting to new heights and your photography to the next level with the Drone X Pro. Your friends and neighbors will envy you.  This inexpensive aerial drone  has received many excellent  reviews on Amazon, a delight to fly. Its Canadian counterpart is the Bigly Brothers' E58 Pro X Edition Drone.

The Drone X Pro is compact, foldable, and light enough to carry with you for easy transport.  This durable drone, which comes with a detailed,  step-by-step user manual, is easy to operate, even for beginners. You can start it up  using either  the  remote control or the app on the phone. This drone provides you with live updates on the flight via your phone.  Before you give it a test run, charge the battery to prolong its life. When the battery's ready, send the drone flying for a fifteen-minute  maiden flight.

Have no worries about propellers damaging your furniture,  cutting your fingers, or colliding with  another drone in flight. The four propellers are protected by guards and prevent future collisions from happening. For a swift fix, use the screwdriver to tighten the blades and lock them in. 

You can navigate the Drone X Pro  Quadcopter inside your home and watch how safely soars through narrow and crowded spaces. Or take it outside to take awesome shots and video footage from the skies to amaze your friends. Don't let the weather dampen  your pilot sessions. The Drone X Pro's sleek, flexible design can handle the harshest winds,  heavy rain, and any other unfavorable weather conditions. For night-time flights, its two  LED lights not only brighten its  path, but glow in the dark.

With a push of a button, you can control  the Drone X Pro's settings for height, speed, and  range. This drone won't let you down and won't get lost in Headless Mode. Unlike other drones, the Drone X Pro can take off and soar up to 80 meters. The Gyroscope's  gravity sensors will provide a smooth landing. The drone's GPS will help  positioning it while in flight. Give it a twirl with the 3D Flip Switch. 

Another cool built-in feature is the HD wide-angle 720p camera.  It can take 4K HP in 30 frames per second and will  provide you with 360-degree,  panoramic shots. Without a gimbal, its twelve megapixels will make you look like a professional photographer with those exclusive photos to share via social media. It's compatible with all devices including Android and Apple with a Wi-FI APP Control system.  For sharper and clearer pictures, use the first-person or remote-person settings to have high-quality, aerial-themed photos.

The Drone X Pro  will automatically recognize your hand gestures to start its engine. Ready to land it at the hangar? Press the One-Key Return button. Smooth flights and exceptional photography make this  a fabulous two-for-one package deal.

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